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Patty Shoemaker Staff Photo

Supply List 

 CES Kindergarten Supply List 2018-2019


1. Clorox* wipes


2. 4 boxes of 24 Crayola* crayons (2 for first semester and 2 for second semester)


3. 12 glue sticks - You can find these very cheap at the beginning of school


4. Scissors (Fiskar's* brand blunt blade)  


*After years of experience, we have found that the brands we have mentioned work best in the classroom.  They are not a requirement, but a recommendation 


Additional Items:


1.   Backpack to carry papers home. (Large enough to carry 9x13 papers)


2.   Change of clothes for accidents. We have both lunch and bathroom accidents. Please put these clothes in a bag with your child’s name on the bag.