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Clinton Elementary School 

Home of the Knights


Welcome Back! We are so excited to get this new school year up and running! 



All supply lists for the upcoming school year can be found under the Latest News tab.


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Here at Clinton Elementary School, our Related Arts (PE, Music, Art, Library, Technology & Guidance) schedule rotates. The tables below indicate the rotation for the first four weeks of school. Your child should come home with what each "Day" is for their class! 


Date: Related Art Day:
August 5 Day 1
August 6 Day 2
August 7 Day 3
August 8 Day 4
August 9 Day 5


Date: Related Art Day:
August 12 Day 1
August 13 Day 2
August 14 Day 3
August 15 Day 4
August 16 Day 5


Date: Related Art Day:
August 19 Day 1
August 20 Day 2
August 21 Day 3
August 22 Day 4
August 23 Day 5


Date: Related Art Day:
August 26 Day 1
August 27 Day 2
August 28 Day 3
August 29 Day 4
August 30 No school, Student Holiday







Clinton City Schools Attendance Plan Clinton City Schools cares about your child's attendance as it is necessary for them to...