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iReady Passports
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
iReady Logo
iReady Logo

At CES we have started a new incentive program centered around iReady.  Each student has been given an iReady Passport.  This passport will keep track of your child's completed and passed lessons on iReady for both Reading and Math.  When they complete a lesson, they will earn a Passport Stamp.  Below are the levels and incentives your child will earn for their completed and passed lessons.

Level 1     Camping    10 Lessons        Pencil, Cup, Chocolate, & Stickers                            
Level 2


20 Lessons  Goldfish, Juice box, Fish Keychain, Beach Ball, & Mini Beach Playsets
Level 3


30 Lessons  Binoculars, Apple, Water with a Koolaid Pouch, Globe Keychain, & Pencil
Level 4


40 Lessons  Candy, Flashlight, Cinch Bag, & Bug Bracelets
Level 5 Hollywood 50 Lessons  A Red Carpet event with Pizza and a Movie & Popcorn

The students are so excited for this new iReady Passport Program.  The teachers and staff at CES are eager to see how many lessons your child completes and all the knowledge they will gain from this program. 

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