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Monday, October 16, 2017

 CES Open Library Afternoons 2017-18

THURSDAYS 3-4:15 pm

Clinton Elementary Open Library Afternoons will begin this Thursday, October 19th.  This is a time for students and parents to read, check out materials, and take Accelerated Reader tests.  These times will be from October 19th to mid-March. There are some basic guidelines listed below that will need to be followed in order for this to be successful. 

Guidelines for Open Library Afternoons at CES 

  1. Students who attend open library should have their parent attend with them as there is not enough staff to ensure someone can read books to students.
  1. Students are not to take books to the computer with them if AR testing.  Parents or siblings are not allowed to help with test taking.  If assistance is needed, see Ms. Kyte.
  1. Students should use shelfmarkers, and after reading the book they should be returned to the shelf where the shelfmarker is located.
  1. No going to individual classrooms, or gym for any reason.
  1. All library rules apply for check out; so if a book is overdue, a new one cannot be checked out.  Students cannot check out over two items at a time.
  1. All parents are welcome to come to open library.


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