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Glow-a-Thon Spring Fundraiser
Posted On:
Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Related Files: CESwalkathon-pledge-sheet.docx

We Heard Your Requests!!!

Sooo…. this fundraiser is in lieu of sending students home with the task of selling door-to-door, collecting money for items and delivering goods!! Please help us achieve our fundraising goal by asking for sponsorships or making a donation for your child to participate in our WALKATHON to help raise money for Clinton Elementary School.

Earn ALL the following fun GLOW SWAG prizes to wear to the Walkathon!!

(All prizes are cumulative!)


Amount Raised


Level 1


Glow Bracelet & Attend Walkathon

Level 2


+ Bling Ring

Level 3


+ Glow Necklace

Level 4


+ Bling for Necklace

Level 5


+ Glow Swag Bag

Level 6


+ Glow Sunglasses

Level 7


+ Glow Water Bottle

Level 8


+ Glow Hat

Level 9


+ Glow T-Shirt

Level 10


+ Glow Wig

+ Chance to Win Walmart Gift Cards,
Target Gift Cards,

$100 Visa Gift Card!!

Any questions/concerns, please call CES at 457-0616.                

 Money and Order Forms due March 12th!!                                                    

















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