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Student Websites

Telling Time Practice
Stop the Clock!
This is great practice for telling time to 5 minute intervals, let your child practice and try to improve their time.

Sum Sense Games
Sum Sense Addition

This game lets the student unscramble the numbers to make a true number sentence.  You can adjust the time and number of problems required, as your child improves...have fun!

Sum Sense Multiplication
This is the same as addition but gives the student great multipication fact practice! Time and amount of problems can be adjusted!

Math Magician
Math Magician

Math Magician provides basic fact practice and is a wonderful tool!

Science (Kid's Corner)
Kid's Corner

This is a great website that has games and information on food chains, animal classification and habitats. 


Orbit Simulator

This webpage shows a great simulation of the orbits of Earth & the other planets in our solar system.

Planets for kids

This site has lots of great information about each planet in our solar system!

Multiplication games
Racing games to multiply

This site has several racing games the kids can use to practice their times tables.  Diaper Derby is very popular...have the student focus on one fact at a time and try to increase their speed!

Whack the mole math!

The kids really enjoy playing this in class...they can do a fast paced or a slower one for practice!